Region 5, Zone 11, District 201V2, Victoria, Australia

Fundraising & Marketing

Lions Christmas Cakes & Puddings 

Lions Christmas Cakes - The Original and Best.

Click on the above link to find out about the best Cakes available for Christmas.

Lion Mints   

Want a refreshing Mint, a traditional musk sweet or a Fizzy lolly just as you remember them?

Click on the above link to find out more about our delicious sweets.

Tent Hire

20 x 30 Tent for Hire - Erected and Dismantled by our members - $200 within City Limits $220 outside City Limits. Phone 0417 167 779

BBQ Costs

Spit Hire

Supply own gas - $60 per day Phone 0417 167 779

Portable Coolroom Hire

$100 per day  Phone 0417 167 779